The Best Newport Beach Parks to Visit in 2023

September 12, 2023
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Whether you already live in Newport Beach or you are considering moving to this incredible area, finding the right park is a critical move. Parks are the perfect places to explore, enjoy a stroll, take in the gorgeous scenery, or get the kids out of the house to play. Stunning beauty is a hallmark of the Newport Beach area, and the same goes for its parks and green spaces.

Fortunately, Newport Beach is full of parks where outdoor adventures are always waiting. Here, you'll find a number of fun-filled outdoor locations where you can take the kids to a playground, get in your daily steps in a picturesque location, or find a quiet spot to picnic with someone special.

Take a look at some of the best Newport Beach parks to explore this year with the whole family.

1. Balboa Peninsula Park

If you're looking for a bustling oceanfront park filled with fun-seeking beachgoers, Balboa Peninsula Park delivers. This park offers beautiful views of the shimmering ocean waves and a beach playground that will keep the kids active for hours. It also features picnic tables, a multi-use field, pavilions, and more. Balboa Peninsula Park is a go-to spot for a kite-flying excursion or a game of soccer, making it one of the best Newport Beach parks for fun in the sun.

2. Castaways Park

Castaways Park on Dover Dr. is the perfect place for a long walk on the beach as you enjoy the glorious views and the great weather. The paved trails are a fantastic spot for jogging, walking your dog, or simply taking in the sunset scenery. Castaways Park is also home to the Marine War Memorial, a popular landmark that was built in 2003 to celebrate the contributions of the United States Marines in the First Battalion.

3. Sunset Ridge Park

Sunset Ride Park offers breathtaking views of Newport Beach and is an easy walk to many of your favorite amenities in the area, including the beach itself. This tranquil, dog-friendly park is the ideal place to bring man's best friend at the end of a long workday. The park promises tons of fun at the playground, featuring ladders, slides, and a giant frog and lizard as part of the play space. Sunset Ridge Park also features a butterfly garden, a baseball diamond, barbecue areas, picnic spots, and a soccer field.

4. Marina Park Playground

For fun right on the beach, look no further than Marina Park Playground — a lighthouse-themed playground in view of the marina. It's ideal for younger children and offers shallow waterfront access, perfect for little ones who aren't yet ready to venture out into the stronger waves. Visitors can enjoy the kids' play space or hang out in the picnic area to enjoy a meal. With a tunnel slide, climbing ropes, half-court basketball, a fitness circuit, and a spacious lawn, Marina Park Playground is an oasis of family fun under the sunny skies.

5. Galaxy View Park

At Galaxy View Park, you will find gorgeous vistas that make the park well worth a visit and further exploration. It's a small park, but the landscape of soft grass and tranquility makes it worthy of the trip. This beautifully-designed park is ideal for a relaxing picnic lunch with a backdrop of Lower Newport Bay. It offers a quiet atmosphere, with no amplified music permitted and large groups allowed only with a special event permit.

6. West Newport Park

If you're looking for an excuse to tire your kiddos out, West Newport Park fits the bill. In this beachfront park and playground space, you'll find various play structures, such as bench swings, tall spiderweb climbing areas, monkey bars, a spinning ride, a clubhouse, and more. Not only is the park tons of fun for the kids, but there are also handball, basketball, and tennis courts for the adults to fit in some time to play.

West Newport Park also features barbecue areas, perfect for a fun lunch or dinner with friends — just bring your own food and grilling tools and take advantage of the great weather as you enjoy an open-air feast. West Newport Park is along the beach, so if you get tired of playing at the park, you can simply stroll down toward the water to cool off.

7. John Wayne Park

John Wayne Park is an idyllic spot for reveling in the magnificent views, sitting back, and relaxing for a little while. It has plentiful green space, perfect for a picnic or a nap as you enjoy the breeze. John Wayne Park is frequently used by local groups for outside workouts, so there's often something going on.

8. Newport Island Park

Serene and secluded, Newport Island Park is the perfect spot for a picnic or spending time with your kids at the playground. The park also boasts a half-basketball court, grassy play areas, barbecue grills, and astounding bay views.

9. Newport Shores Park

Newport Shores Park is a timeless park with a great play structure to its name. Kids will love the chance to run around, swing on the monkey bars, and make new friends, while parents can take in the views of the Santa Ana River and rest beneath the old trees. This park is often less crowded than some of the more popular parks in the area, making it the perfect place for a quieter excursion.

10. Crystal Cove State Park

Last but certainly not least, Crystal Cove State Park promises 2,400 acres full of beauty and exploration. From bird-watching to hiking treks, Crystal Cove State Park has it all. The park is also home to Pelican Point, Reef Point, and Moro Beach, promising exquisite vistas of the waves. Adventurers can check out the tidepools, tackle uphill climbs, backpack through the canyons, and watch the sunset.

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