8 Best Places to Shop in Newport Beach

May 16, 2024
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Welcome to Newport Beach, a dazzling coastal enclave where chic shopping meets serene ocean vibes. With sun-kissed promenades, palm-fringed open-air plazas, and charming boutiques, this seaside city offers a retail experience like no other. Whether you're hunting for high fashion at Fashion Island, savoring artisanal crafts at Seaside Gallery and Goods, or embracing Southern California's laid-back elegance at Legend Coastal, Newport Beach promises a vibrant shopping adventure that embodies the spirit of coastal luxury. Get ready to explore some of the best places to shop in Newport Beach, where sophisticated style and breezy beach days unite.

1. Fashion Island

Fashion Island epitomizes luxury shopping in Newport Beach. As an open-air lifestyle center, it merges elegant retail options with a backdrop of the Pacific Ocean and lush palm trees. Visitors can indulge in upscale brands like Louis Vuitton, Neiman Marcus, and Bloomingdale's or explore contemporary favorites like Anthropologie and J.Crew. With over 180 stores, this iconic destination covers everything from fashion and beauty to home decor. After a day of shopping, visitors can unwind at one of the many world-class dining spots, such as Fig & Olive or R+D Kitchen, which complement the chic coastal atmosphere. The center’s regular events, including fashion shows and outdoor concerts, bring the community together for unforgettable experiences.

2. Newport Hills Shopping Center

Situated amidst the serene neighborhoods of Newport Beach, Newport Hills Shopping Center is a convenient and quaint hub for locals. Here, residents find essential services and shops that cater to everyday needs, ranging from health and wellness to personal care. It’s also home to a variety of eateries, offering everything from gourmet coffee to delightful pastries and fresh salads. The relaxed environment makes it an excellent spot for a laid-back afternoon with friends or a quick errand run.

3. Corona Del Mar Plaza

Corona Del Mar Plaza stands as a premier shopping and dining destination that captures the essence of coastal chic. Offering an upscale blend of boutique stores and fine dining, the plaza presents the perfect balance between style and functionality. Fashion aficionados will delight in stores like White House Black Market and Tommy Bahama, while culinary enthusiasts can savor meals at places like Bungalow Restaurant and Gulfstream. The beautiful landscaping and ocean breeze create an idyllic setting for leisurely shopping. It's no wonder that this plaza is a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

4. Seaside Gallery and Goods

Seaside Gallery and Goods blends art, retail, and community in an imaginative way that showcases the creative spirit of Newport Beach. This charming co-op boutique is collectively run by a group of local artisans, each offering a distinctive selection of handcrafted goods. Inside, you'll find everything from unique jewelry and coastal-inspired home decor to carefully curated artwork. The gallery's frequent workshops and pop-up events help foster a creative community, providing an enriching shopping experience that celebrates local talent and creativity.

5. Legend Coastal

Legend Coastal is the go-to place for those seeking to embrace the Southern California lifestyle. From stylish resort wear to surf-inspired fashion, Legend Coastal has a wide array of clothing and accessories that cater to the region’s outdoor spirit. The curated selection reflects the laid-back elegance of Newport Beach, making it a must-visit for both locals and tourists who want to dress the part and bring a bit of the coast home.

6. A’maree’s

A'maree's is more than a boutique; it's a high-fashion landmark in Newport Beach. Set in a stunning waterfront location, this family-owned business curates an unparalleled collection of designer clothing, shoes, and accessories from around the world. With brands like The Row and Rick Owens, it caters to those with discerning tastes who value quality and creativity. The boutique's minimalist interior allows the vibrant colors and innovative designs to shine, providing an exclusive and immersive shopping experience.

7. Aleph Gallery

Aleph Gallery blends function and aesthetics through an exquisite range of home goods. This hidden gem is a paradise for interior enthusiasts, featuring a carefully curated selection of modern furniture, art, and decor pieces. Their approach seamlessly integrates contemporary designs with natural elements, creating pieces that transform living spaces into personalized sanctuaries. Whether it's a statement coffee table or a set of handcrafted ceramics, Aleph Gallery helps shoppers find pieces that speak to their individual tastes and add sophistication to their homes.

8. Lido Marina Village

Lido Marina Village in Newport Beach offers a chic and stylish shopping experience right on the waterfront. The Village is home to a selection of high-end shops, from designer clothing boutiques to unique home decor stores, each offering something special for discerning shoppers. Visitors can stroll along the charming boardwalk, stopping at local favorites like Jenni Kayne and Serena & Lily for the latest in fashion and home furnishings or explore curated collections of art and jewelry. Whether it's a day of serious shopping or a relaxed afternoon by the water, Lido Marina Village encapsulates the luxurious, laid-back vibe of Newport Beach, making it a must-visit destination for anyone looking to indulge in the finer aspects of coastal living.

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