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Casey has a unique passion for his profession and has a highly-regarded reputation for his integrity and involvement in selling each property. With his guidance and knowledge of each property, The proactive attention each home receives is imperative in Lesher’s marketing plan.

The Casey Lesher Brand has successfully navigated complex transactions during fluctuating market cycles. Through Lesher’s leadership, The Brand has also earned an industry-wide reputation for effective and intelligent negotiations, enthusiasm, impeccable professional ethics, and imperative marketing concepts. The Casey Lesher Brand has the breadth of experience, insight and skills necessary to consistently close purchases and sales while providing clients with a paramount level of care and service.
"We sell more than anyone in Coastal Orange County and We know the market and the homes that have sold INTIMATELY. We don’t just understand the property that you are going for, we understand the competition, the agents and each situation customarily."



CA DRE# 01795953

Casey Lesher impulsively provides a steadfast commitment to facilitating optimum results and a unique personalized service that has garnered prolific referral relationships and an ardently loyal clientele his most notable endorsement. Lesher’s natural aptitude for the real estate industry has formed a compelling distinction in articulating value not just features and has consumers repeatedly seeking his expertise and acumen. His determination and study never subside, providing him with unmatched market awareness.

In addition to Lesher's competence at profiling record and influential sales, he has merited a respected presence amongst his peers. Aligning with marketing masters and a brand power that commands global connections and luxury leaderships, Lesher opens new opportunities for the local and national audience. Please visit caseylesher.com for a full profile and current offerings.



Julio Cervantes
Sales Associate Learn More

Julio Cervantes

Sales Associate

License # 02048382 (714) 224-8091 julio@caseylesher.com
Julie Grenz
Sales Associate Learn More

Julie Grenz

Sales Associate

License # 01933970 (916) 804-6777 julie@caseylesher.com

Patrick Leeke

Sales Associate

License # 02128471 949-375-3764 patrick@caseylesher.com

Daynn Machado

Sales Associate

License # 02181009 (949) 229-5148 daynn@caseylesher.com

Demetria Moore

Sales Associate

License # 01891193 (949)233-9415 demetria@caseylesher.com

Mondana Washer

Sales Associate

License # 01952060 949.379.4026 mondana@caseylesher.com


Cari Smith
Director of Operations Learn More

Cari Smith

VP of Operations

(949) 683-2349 cari@caseylesher.com

Reed Saffell

Operations Manager

(949) 280-1237 reed@caseylesher.com


Dedicated to providing a steadfast and unmatched commitment to facilitating optimum results and a unique personalized service.

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