Meet Christa Lee Canaday Steurer

Christa Lee Canaday Steurer

Sales Associate
License: 01900793

Christa Lee Canaday, hailing from Orange County and a distinguished graduate of Chapman University, stands as a paragon of excellence within the Casey Lesher team at Christie's International Real Estate. As a cornerstone of the team's achievement of $2 billion in sales, Christa Lee is celebrated for her unwavering professionalism and exceptional client service, hallmarks of the Casey Lesher brand. Her profound lineage in real estate, spanning multiple generations, has endowed her with an intrinsic understanding of the housing market, enhancing her ability to navigate through complex transactions with ease.

Christa Lee is synonymous with integrity, dedication, and a tailored approach to each client's unique needs, ensuring a real estate experience that exceeds expectations. Under the guidance of Casey Lesher, Christa Lee contributes to a brand renowned for its strategic negotiations, passion, and ethical standards. Her commitment to excellence and her comprehensive understanding of the market dynamics enable her to provide unparalleled service and results, solidifying the Casey Lesher brand's reputation for excellence and meticulous client care.

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